Awqaf Suliman Bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi Holding Co.

It is a holding company, working to contribute to the advancement and growth of this nation. Our vision entails the achievement of distinction and leadership in Awqaf assets management and preservance. We also seek the augmentation of the Awqaf revenues through supporting their economic and social development, and to provide the optimum revenues for the Awqaf channels of spending through working in an investment environment, managed by the latest and best standards. In addition, the company is working in compliance with an investment philosophy specialized in asset management while looking for significant investment opportunities; and utilizing these opportunities through a financial and operational risk management approach. Moreover, the company aims at increasing its assets and maintaining the endowment’ sustainability. We also adopt a methodology based on diversifying assets, categories, as well as internal and external investment sectors.


Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi Real Estate Investments Company

Al-Rajhi Investments” is a pioneering Company providing distinguished services and innovate solutions in the field of real estate investments.


Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Charitable Foundation

Rajhi Charitable Foundation is now recognized as one of the most important donor institutions in the Kingdom. It focuses its efforts in supporting registered, non-profit organizations designed to help the educational, health, social, and religious sectors.


Al Rajhi International for Investment

Al Rajhi International for Investment (RAII) was incorporated in 2006 under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. RAII is a member of Suleiman Abdulaziz Al Rajhi Holding Company (Al Rajhi Group) which is one of the largest business conglomerates in Saudi Arabia. The mandate of RAII is “To globalize Al-Rajhi Group’s agricultural business on a long-term sustainable basis.


Suliman Al Rajhi Waqfiah Foundation

Al Rajhi Waqfiah is a member of Suleiman Abdulaziz Al Rajhi Holding Company (Al Rajhi Group) which is one of the largest business conglomerates in Saudi Arabia. Waqfiah founded for Mosques management.


Sulaiman Al Rajhi Colleges

The Sulaiman Al Rajhi Colleges are a culmination of his vision and efforts to provide world-class academic exposure to local students in their own vicinity.


Ataat Alilm

Ataat Alilm Ltd is an endowment corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aims to be the-state-of-art expertise in the field of Islamic knowledge and education.


International Curricula

It is one of the world’s leading and specialized organization in producing Arabic and Islamic curricula and other related books. The message of the organization is to contribute towards the development of education throughout the preparation of educational curricula that are fully integrated into their preparation and objectives, and harmonized with the psychological and behavioral dimensions of the students.


House of Experience for Social Studies

Social studies and research program designed to develop the capacity-building of family associations, improve their professional efficiency, and enhance their performance to meet the needs of their beneficiaries and effectively promote family development.



One of the initiatives of Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, a non-profit organization, specializes in serving the Waqf scientifically, spreading it in the community, and serving its sponsors and beneficiaries.


Sehati for information Technology Services LLC

Sehati for information Technology Services LLC is newly established company and requesting information and proposal for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to improve organizational productivity by increasing efficiency in transaction processing and promoting collaboration across business units and departments. The goal in implementing an ERP System is to automate and facilitate the work and processes within departments and centralized all processes in one system through a user‐friendly interface, and embedded processes designed to tie functions together seamlessly, and to be single “enterprise” system for any integration needs in the future for the company

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